An AR/VR Fitness Arcade

For You

  • Phenomena VR is a massive VR esports arena that can’t be found anywhere else in the Central Valley
  • Having up to 8 players in the arena at one time the experience is unlike any other whether you are defending your team in the Duat, having a choreographed dance party in Space Dance, or having a firefight with your friends in Versus there is an opportunity for everyone to play.

Arena Scale

  • Unleash the Power of Free-Roaming Virtual Reality! Hero Zone Arena offers Multiplayer Adventures where up to 6 players can immerse themselves in thrilling and intense experiences all in the same space, as if they were in another world together.
  • With no wires and loads of fun, Hero Zone Arena guarantees unforgettable gameplay, and a huge range of exciting experiences that you’ll keep wanting to come back to.

Hero Zone

  • Sim Gear is a ultra realistic racing simulator that asks for more calculated driving skills from the player to take the first place position
  • Regular racing games at other arcades will have you seated in a motionless position but the Sim Gear has a hydraulic system and a optional VR headset to increase your immersion to a whole new level.


  • Valo Climb = Rock climbing + augmented reality
  • This attraction has a multitude of different games and difficulty levels to ensure that anyone can have a casual game or if they prefer a challenge to take on one of the many obstacle courses. Speed running to get the fastest time among your peers or playing Pong with your whole body the Valo climb is sure to push your limits.


Package 1 - $15 for 45 points Package 2 - $25 for 80 points Package 3 - $40 for 135 points Package 4 - $50 for 175 points Package 5 - $70 for 250 points Package 6 - $100 for 360 points Package 7 - $135 for 500 points, plus extras
Sunday 12pm - 8pm Mon - Thurs 1pm-9pm Fri - Sat 12pm -10pm

Clean and Airy Space to
Stay Safe in COVID 19


A New Reality


At The Broken Controller, our mission is to redefine the boundaries of gaming and entertainment through the immersive power of VR and AR. We aim to empower our customers to physically engage with gaming in a way that enhances well-being, builds community, and promotes a unique blend of fun and fitness. We believe that gaming should be an inclusive, exciting, and transformative experience. From group VR challenges that forge connections and foster teamwork, to solo adventures that offer personal challenges and growth, we provide a broad range of experiences to captivate all ages, interests, and skill levels.

Our Promise

At The Broken Controller, every visit is not just about playing a game; it's about experiencing a new reality, pushing your limits, and creating memorable moments. Our promise is to take you beyond the screen, to a world where you are not just a player but a part of the game. Because in our universe, the gaming experience is not controlled, it's lived.


Our dedication lies in continuously innovating our gaming suite, incorporating the absolute cutting-edge VR and AR technology to stay at the forefront of the industry. We are committed to maintaining a safe, welcoming environment where everyone can escape the ordinary and experience the extraordinary.


Technology + Innovation = Results

Our dedication is to bring fun, fitness, fantasy and the very latest in cutting edge VR / AR tech together. We believe in promoting a healthier and more active lifestyle through our diverse range of games, where your workout becomes an unforgettable adventure.


Another World

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